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Kamil Cywinski

Ph.D. Candidate

Kamil research is focused around solar energy storage and conversion through the use of dye-sensitised semiconductor nanoparticles immobilised at the liquid-liquid interface and porphyrin films self-assembled at the liquid-liquid interface. His Ph.D. is funded through Dr. Scanlon's European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant (SOFT-PHOTOCONVERSION; agreement no. 716792).
Kamil first graced  Ireland with his presence back in summer 2009 and decided to stay a while! Having finished secondary school in Charleville,  Kamil continued his education at University College Cork, from which he graduated with a BSc. degree in Chemistry in 2016. During his studies he met his mentor, Dr Micheál D. Scanlon, who supervised both his summer research project as well as final year project which sparked his interest in electrochemistry, although it cost him his "cool guy" reputation. One thing led to the other and this gleeful  Pole found himself continuing his career as an official member of Scanlon Electrochemistry Laboratory as of May 2017.
In his spare time this handsome devil enjoys pursuing activities such as being a father to two pet rats, reading and pretending to be able to play a guitar.

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