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Iván Robayo-Molina

Ph.D. Candidate

Iván was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He received his bachelor's degree in chemistry at the National University of Colombia (UNAL) and his master's degree in chemical science in 2015 from the same university.  His master dissertation was based on modelling and studying chemical oscillators.  After receiving his master's degree, he spent two years working in Environmental Agencies in Colombia monitoring air and water quality. In 2017, Iván joined the Scanlon Electrochemistry Laboratory. Currently, he is carrying on his doctoral studies in the field of liquid-liquid electrochemistry funded by Dr. Scanlon's European Research Council (ERC) Starting grant (SOFT-PHOTOCONVERSION; agreement no. 716792). His project is focused on the kinetics of porphyrin self-assembly and photo-electron transfer at at liquid-liquid interfaces.

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